We established as Middlesbrough builders over 5 years ago and during this time we have gained wealth of local building knowledge and expertise. We cave carried out over 100 building projects ranging from small contracts like kitchens or bathrooms, through extensions and conversions (loft, basement, garage) to full property refurbishments and property renovations.

If you are looking for Middlesbrough builders who can take on projects like the above, then we will be happy to assist you.

We strongly believe that the trust in building project is of utmost importance. Honest approach to people, respect to their property is a must, if the building project is to be completed successfully. Customer satisfaction comes not only from the job well done, but also from relationship they experienced working with builders in Middlesbrough area.

Mission statement

‘We strive to do our job better, faster and with less inconvenience for the client than other builders. We aim to go far beyond your expectations, mainly by teaming up the expertise of our tradesmen with excellent organization, timing and courtesy. We work closely with you, carefully listen to your requests and suggestions.’

Quality policy

Quality is a must. At all times we ensure that the work is carried out efficiently and to the highest standard. Providing professional building services, quality workmanship and value for money, we hope to be your choice. We will never let you down, overcharge you or simply leave a bad impression. Time is money. Therefore we will stick to the schedule and will not exceed any deadlines agreed with you. If we could describe our quality policy in a few words, it would be:

‘Amy Home Improvement builders’ quality guaranteed’

So, if you’ve ever been disappointed with the quality of work done to your property, now you will see the difference. Try it yourself. Contact us now, don’t hesitate.